Repetitive Lines
Railway Military History Exhibit

Unveiled on June 30, 2019, this exhibit tells the remarkable story of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) employees who relinquished their position at CPR to serve their country in The Great War. It also highlights the CPR’s role as they were instrumental in Canada’s war efforts and provided the main railway line over which troops, supplies and munitions were carried from western and central Canada to our Atlantic seaports.

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Upon visiting this exhibit, you will see a train bridge being rebuilt by the Canadian railway troops and engineers that connects into a stunning mural created by New Brunswick artist, Geoff Slater. The mural and bridge depicts the resourcefulness and dedication of the railway troops and engineers as they rebuilt bridges and laid down rail lines that were so important in transporting troops, food and munitions to the front lines in Europe.

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You will also learn about some of the former CPR employees in New Brunswick who gave up their jobs to serve their country and then returned to work for the CPR after they returned back to Canada. The centrepiece of this exhibit is a restored Great War Memorial Tablet issued by the CPR that honours the 1,116 Canadian Pacific Railway employees who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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